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This article is about princess princess ever after pdf 1998 film. She shows them a glass slipper and tells them the story of her ancestor, Danielle de

This article is about princess princess ever after pdf 1998 film. She shows them a glass slipper and tells them the story of her ancestor, Danielle de Barbarac. In 16th-century France, Auguste de Barbarac is a widower and father of eight-year-old Danielle. Auguste marries Rodmilla de Ghent, a haughty baroness with two daughters, Marguerite and Jacqueline.

By the time Danielle is eighteen, the estate has fallen into decline, and Danielle is forced to be a servant to Rodmilla and her daughters. One day, Danielle stops a man from stealing her father’s horse, then realizes he is the Crown Prince Henry. Rodmilla schemes to marry Marguerite to Henry. Danielle takes the gold to buy back a servant her stepmother sold to the crown to pay her taxes. Henry overhears Danielle arguing with the Cargomaster and orders Maurice’s release.

King Francis strikes a compromise with Henry, telling him he may choose his own bride before a masquerade ball in five days, or he must wed Gabriella. Henry begins searching for Danielle and asks for directions from Gustave, while Danielle hides nearby. Gustave tells Henry where Danielle lives and she runs home to change clothes. The next day Danielle catches Rodmilla and Marguerite stealing her mother’s dress and slippers and she is beaten for trying to stop them. When Rodmilla discovers that Danielle is the Countess whom Henry is pursuing she lies and tells Queen Marie that Danielle is engaged. Meanwhile, Danielle meets with Henry to tell him the truth, but after he reveals that she has helped him discover a sense of purpose she runs back home.

Rodmilla locks Danielle in the pantry before the ball but Da Vinci frees her and makes her a pair of wings to wear with her mother’s dress and slippers. When Danielle arrives at the ball and tries again to tell Henry the truth, Rodmilla exposes her identity. Danielle bursts into tears and runs away, leaving her glass slipper behind. Da Vinci finds the slipper and sternly reprimands Henry, leaving him with the slipper. Henry decides to wed Gabriella, but halts the ceremony. He discovers that Rodmilla has sold Danielle to landowner Pierre le Pieu and goes to rescue her. Pierre makes sexual advances towards Danielle, but frees her after she threatens him with his own weapons.

Henry finds her as she is leaving and proposes to her, placing the glass slipper on her foot. Rodmilla is summoned to court, accused of lying to the Queen and stripped of her title. Danielle is presented as Henry’s wife, and asks for the same mercy that Rodmilla showed her, whereupon Rodmilla and Marguerite are sent to work in the palace laundry. The Grande Dame tells The Brothers Grimm that Danielle was her great-great-grandmother. While the story is fictional, it involves several historical figures, places and events. This is the only Super 35mm film directed by Tennant. 64 reviews, with an average score of 7.