Pdf rocks and minerals

In the chart below, a year which is listed within parentheses represents the year during which that mineral, rock, stone pdf rocks and minerals gemsto

In the chart below, a year which is listed within parentheses represents the year during which that mineral, rock, stone pdf rocks and minerals gemstone was officially adopted as a State symbol or emblem. A sparkling, metallic gray chunk of hematite on a blue background. A chunk of pure white marble lies on a dark background. A bluish gray round cabochon of quartz showing a four rayed star effect under intense lighting.

An irregularly shaped nugget of native gold. An irregular chunk of celedon green jade. An irregular piece of native copper on a green background. A rough nodule of turquoise in brown matrix with a split face showing areas of intense turquoise blue. A cluster of clear, colorless quartz crystals.

A slab of bauxite displaying brown orbicular formations which are approximately the size of the one cent coin which lies on top of the slab. Several white diamonds with brilliant cuts lie scattered across a white background. An irregularly shaped nugget of native gold ore. A rough chunk of dark green serpentine with lighter veining. A rough rock showing several intense, dark blue benitoite crystals emerging from white natrolite matrix.

Intense, transparent, strawberry red crystals of rhodochrosite from Colorado’s Sweet Home mine. Large blocks of partially worked white marble lie on the ground at Colorado’s Marble Mill site with the National Historical marker in the background. A light blue piece of aquamarine cutting rough. A cluster of orange to red almandine garnet crystals. A 1911 postcard showing a quarrying operation in Portland Connecticut with cliffs of brownstone in the background, rail lines for loading and transporting stone, industrial buildings, rail carts, and other parts of the operation.

A long crystal of light purple sillimanite on a white background. A nodule of gray fossilized coral which has been sliced in half with the halves lying opposite each other and showing the hollow center. A chunk of grayish yellow moonstone which shows fracture lines and a blue glow in some portions. Intersecting twinned crystals of brown staurolite forming an abstract sculptural mass. Black branches of coral, along which are arranged bright yellow polyps. A round cabochon of very dark red garnet which displays a six pointed star effect under intense lighting.

A cluster of purple fluorite crystals with a few crystals of iron pyrite attached. A chunk of limestone showing yellowish and white banding. Half of a sliced geode nodule showing the hollow center lined with white and grayish druzy crystals. A chunk of black coal. A smooth pebble of white agate with black and green dendrite formations. A string of white pearls arranged in a twisted pile on a white background. A chunk of agate in grayish and golden colors with the split face showing internal fortification banding along with a black dendritic formation.

Dark bluish and green or black, rod-like tourmaline crystals emerging from clear quartz holding matrix. Peach reds and yellows with threadlike mossy and cell-like formations in semi-smooth tumbled agate pebbles. Shiny black crystals of babingtonite on whitish matrix. Photo of a gray cliffside in Roxbury showing the conglomerate material.