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Human Resources for the University of Oklahoma. Serving Faculty and Staff in Norman, Indusind bank deposit slip pdf City, and Tulsa campuses. We se

Human Resources for the University of Oklahoma. Serving Faculty and Staff in Norman, Indusind bank deposit slip pdf City, and Tulsa campuses.

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This article will throw light on how to file a complaint in HDFC Bank and the levels of complaint against any of it’s services. You will also learn about complaint procedure as mandated by RBI. For other banks this procedure will be more of less same. This is defined as first time complaint. Bank’s complaint register with a carbon copy. Going to court is the last step you do. 25-04-2015 stating that it was from HDFC CREDIT CARD Reward Points Redeemption Team.

He identified himself as Kishore Yadav and his colleagues as Karan Arora which i think is prrobably false. He knew the first 6 digits of my 16 digits credit card number and asked me to verify the overall 16 digits to them by speaking manually. Then only I realised that I have given the OTP. I have tried to locate the caller through true caller in my smart phone.

Immediately I rang up the phone where the phone is ringing but not lifting. 2015 again from them to return my money since i had blocked my card and they were not to able to complete the transaction. I told him that he is a fraud and threatened him to a police complaint. I am submitting this complaint to make sure this never happens to me and anyone else. However, i have blocked my card as a safety measure.

I request your good self to kindly take necessary action against the culprit . I got a call from HDFC representative for credit card offer based on my loan and he mentioned the offer for me in Money Back credit card with the following benefits. Phone banking representative replied the following things. No Life time free card. There will be charge for you if you spent less than 50000 per year.

Again asked the phone banking representative, if the benefits are not available in this credit card then close or deactivate the credit card. He replied we cannot close the card through phone banking you should give the letter to the HDFC credit card division , Thiruvanmiyur. What the process your following? In other banks i can do anything through netbanking.

Very worst service from HDFC and very disappointed. Again i called the representative regarding this and he said that he mentioned offers are true and phone banking executive wont know the offer for your card. Could you please confirm whether i would get the benefits like your representative said? Which benefits are true for my credit card. I am just facing problems and charges only from HDFC bank. No customer satisfaction and nothing.

I am using two credit cards from other banks i never found this much fake calls and promises to the customer to sell their products. We’ve also take our home loan from HDFC. Last year when we were in need of a locker service. We agreed as we were looking out for a locker. That time the price he mentioned – dec 2014 for a small locker was 1500. How can a bank like HDFC do that?