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President Trump’s Justice Department is launching an effort on affirmative action, an effort to see if affirmative action is hurting white people at universities. This is one of many changes in priorities under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And we’re going to begin our discussion about this with NPR justice correspondent Carrie Johnson. CARRIE JOHNSON, BYLINE: Good morning, Steve. INSKEEP: So would you just explain the concept here? What is the concern and who’s trying to address it at the Justice Department?

JOHNSON: This story is based on a hiring announcement that was put out by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division first reported by The New York Times. Now, Steve, this is a thumbnail, not a full read-out of the plans by these new political appointees in the Justice Department. But the hiring notice mentions, quote, “intentional race-based discrimination in higher-ed admissions. And these new positions would be managed by politicals at the Justice Department. Now, elections have consequences, especially for civil rights. But some career lawyers at Justice and veterans of that office are alarmed about what this could portend for the future.

INSKEEP: And let’s be clear. When they say intentional, race-based discrimination, the concern they have is not discrimination against African-Americans or other people of color. The concern they have is that when there is affirmative action to help people of color, it is discriminating against white people. JOHNSON: That is a longstanding concern among some conservative groups and activists. I’d point out that affirmative action is legal, Steve. The Supreme Court has said race can be considered as one of many factors in admissions in kind of a squeaker of a ruling by the High Court in 2016.

No quotas but one of many factors is OK. Now, Steve, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights say using federal resources to investigate discrimination against white applicants when so many more pressing needs exist is just bad policy. They also point out that this year is the 60th anniversary of the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department. In their view, the wrong message to be sending in terms of resources to announce an effort like this. And it’s really just part of a broader rollback of Obama era priorities in civil rights from protecting LGBT people to drug policy to policing.