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Morwell is central to the Latrobe Valley urban area which has a population of approximately 73,000 and as such has become home to many of the greater

Morwell is central to the Latrobe Valley urban area which has a population of approximately 73,000 and as such has become home to many of the greater urban area’s civic institutions, administrative functions and infrastructure. 1840s in search of pasture for their stock. Gippsland and during the 1840s the squatting runs of Maryvale, Merton Rush and Hazelwood were taken churchill and orwell pdf in the area which is now Morwell.

In turn, this became the name for the public house by the river and the early settlement nearby. The 1870s were a time of railway building in Victoria. The railway station was approximately 3 miles from the settlement by the river, leading to new development occurring around the railway station. A brickworks and a pottery were established in the 1880s, a butter factory was built in 1890 and a cordial factory.

Even in the 1880s, coal was seen to be of importance to Morwell. In 1888 two coal mining companies were established—The Great Morwell Coal Mining Company and the Maryvale Proprietary Coal Mining Company. Fires in the commercial area in 1890 and 1912 caused major damage to shops. This led to the formation of the Morwell Waterworks Trust and in December 1913 a town water supply from Billy’s Creek was connected. 1920s contributed to Morwell’s development, providing employment and trade.

Morwell open cut mine commenced, and briquette production equipment was ordered from Germany. It was originally known as the Morwell Power Station and is now known as Energy Brix. Production at the plant started in 1956, with the briquettes produced used for domestic and industrial use. As well as this a town gas production for Melbourne at an adjacent gasworks by the Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria was built.

The 1980s were a growth period for the township of Morwell. Schools were built to educate the children of families settling in the area. Funded by the Japanese Government at a cost of over one billion dollars this project established a 50 tonne per day pilot plant which ran until 1991. Australian combined curriculum at the Commercial Road Primary School. Thriving on the success of the power industry, Morwell developed into a city offering substantial housing and financial opportunities for its many residents. With the general growth of the Latrobe Valley, Morwell’s success appeared destined to continue. CBD led to the decline of the CBD, with many empty shopfronts the result.

Further, restructuring and privatisation of the State Electricity Commission in the 1990s led to massive job losses in the region, which accelerated the decline of Morwell’s central business district. Many shops are now empty and in a state of disrepair. Amalgamation of the local councils under a commission saw the major civic centre move to Traralgon. With the re-establishment of an elected council, the civic centre was moved back to Morwell and the new council building constructed in 2005 in the hope of leading to a revitalisation of the city centre. Unfortunately, that revitalisation failed to eventuate. The new justice precinct was completed in 2006 and has somewhat increased CBD activity as alleged criminals come to the Morwell justice precinct for processing through the Justice System.

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in March 2011 show the average wage of Morwell residents to be the lowest of the three Latrobe Valley cities. It contains a major regional art gallery with an excellent local collection and is noted for its extensive rose gardens. Nearby at Churchill is the Gippsland Campus of Federation University. World War 1 to assist widows and families of servicemen. Other education and training provider are located in the wider Latrobe Valley urban area. Princes Drive and Commercial Road.

The highway connects Morwell with other Latrobe Valley cities including Moe to the west and Traralgon to the east. 109 minutes during peak travel times. Fortuna 60 and Morwell Pegasus. The Morwell Cougars Baseball Club usually forms teams in three senior grades and all junior grades of the Latrobe Valley League. Their diamonds in Toners Lane are the only dedicated diamonds in the League.

Gridiron”, is played at Maryvale Recreation Reserve. There is also a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, used by the local swimming club for competitive swimming. Golfers play at the course of the Morwell Golf Club on Fairway Drive. This page was last edited on 13 December 2017, at 13:01. The story, which focuses on the life of Winston Smith, was Orwell’s vision of a totalitarian state which has absolute control over every action and thought of its people through propaganda, secrecy, constant surveillance, and harsh punishment. Within thirty seconds any pretence was always unnecessary. It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.