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2014333220547 2014-11-29 Sunshine Live – Die 90er Live on Stage – Sven – 5D MK II – 0308 – IMG 2717 mod. At the peak of its success in the ’90s, the project itself achieved 10 Top-20 hits on European music charts. When first naming the project, Harrison chose the name “Captain Hollywood Project” in order to distinguish his new music for the project from his 6 weeks to hollywood body pdf music. He also chose the name to give himself the creative freedom as executive producer to involve any singer, songwriter or producer of his choice when producing each of the new songs for the project.

Together with their band of live musicians and dancers, Harrison and von Gehlen perform the Captain Hollywood Project hits year-round at concert venues in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia and Australia. During his off-duty hours, he would entertain his military friends on base by doing impressive street dance moves in his Captain uniform. Germany’s first ever exposure to street dance. Because of Europe’s complete lack of exposure to breakdancing and street dance styles from America, Harrison quickly gained credit for being the first American to actually introduce the art forms to Germany and all of Europe in the early ’80s. When his active military duty ended in 1983, he relocated to Germany and worked as the lead dance choreographer on Formel Eins. Throughout his career, Harrison has served as a dance choreographer to a wide variety of music stars from both Europe and America. When he entered the music business in 1986, he made a tradition of choreographing his own live act when performing with his team of backup dancers.

He has also choreographed for a number ’90s eurodance artists as well. Harrison extensively when planning, staging and choreographing a number of their live shows. Between 1985 and 1987, Harrison achieved his first musical successes as a rapper, singer and music producer in Germany. Thanks to the strong word of mouth from German DJ’s and support from his massive fanbase, Harrison’s music successfully charted in Germany and other countries without promotional help from any major record labels. The success of his early hits helped to establish him in the music business as a serious musician, solo artist and music producer. Dutch producer Ruud van Rijen.

The group’s innovative new mixture of traditional male rap combined with female singing turned Twenty 4 Seven into a European pop music phenomenon in 1989. Thanks to Harrison’s powerful dance choreography for the group’s live act, Twenty 4 Seven became even more recognized for its memorable dance routines featured in their music videos and in their live act. European tour with MTV London that same year. After taking Twenty 4 Seven to the Top 5 chart positions all over Europe, Harrison decided to leave the act in 1990 in order to return to his solo career and to dedicate himself completely to his own music project. Despite Harrison’s departure, the popularity of Twenty 4 Seven continued worldwide. The first single “More and More” quickly became a worldwide crossover hit when released in July 1992.